Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships to Study in the United States and Canada

If you dream of studying for a semester or the rest of your studies in North America, this article may interest you.

Exchange Programs and Double Degrees in the United States and Canada

Whether you’re at university or in a Grande École, your institution probably offers university exchange programs in one of the countries in North America. This allows you to study abroad for a semester without paying any tuition fees. This is the principle of university exchange.

There’s also a more advanced version of university exchange: the double degree with a foreign university. Many Grande Écoles offer double degree programs in partnership with foreign universities. Generally, these programs are available at the master’s level. For example, Centrale Lyon offers a double degree with McGill University in Canada, and Sciences Po Paris offers master’s programs in partnership with Columbia University in New York.

Aid for Studying in North America for French Students

To fund one’s studies across the Atlantic, there are various organizations that can grant scholarships. Some are accessible through French institutions.

Scholarships to Study in the United States

In terms of scholarships to finance your academic year, several options are worth considering:

1-Merit-based scholarships from American universities:

These are primarily intended for graduate or postgraduate students. However, depending on the universities, it may be possible to receive financial support at the undergraduate level as well. For example, UCLA offers such support.

As the name suggests, these scholarships are awarded based on merit, which includes academic or athletic excellence, as well as financial need.

The deadline to apply is usually January 1st for the academic year starting on August 1st.

Important: You must apply for the scholarship in parallel with your university admission application.

2-Fulbright Commission Scholarship:

This is an organization led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the U.S. Department of State, which awards six to eight scholarships annually, each valued at $30,000.

It is available to individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree plus three years of study, and selection criteria are based on the quality of the applicant’s background, as well as their motivation and interest in the United States.

Note: The application deadline for the academic year starting on August 1, 2024, is December 1, 2023.

3-Private scholarships:

These scholarships may be awarded by institutes, foundations, companies, and various other organizations, each with specific selection criteria. Here are some examples:

Rotary Foundation Scholarship: Awarded annually to 50 foreign students to pursue a master’s degree in “peace and conflict studies” at one of six selected universities. It is only accessible to individuals who have obtained their last degree at least three years before the start of the scholarship program. This program is intended for individuals not affiliated with the Rotary Club.

French-American Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship: $10,000 merit-based scholarship to pursue an MBA program in the United States.

PEO International Peace Scholarship: A scholarship from the PEO Foundation worth up to $12,500, reserved for female foreign students in their final year of study.

Scholarships to Study in Canada

Similar to the United States, there are various programs in place to assist foreign students wishing to pursue their studies at a university in Canada.

The website compiles all scholarship offers, whether they are private or public, to support students in their endeavors.

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