How to get a scholarship in France?

Financing your studies in France can become a real puzzle. However, it would be a shame to give up on your study project for this reason.

Scholarships for foreign students in France

Financing your studies in France can be a real challenge. However, it would be a shame to abandon your study project for this reason.

Several solutions exist for international students, and in this article, we will explore various options available in France, including the different scholarships, amounts, application procedures, the possibility of obtaining a need-based scholarship in France, or a scholarship in your home country.

Different Scholarships for International Students in France

What Scholarships are Available in France?

There are several scholarships specifically designed for international students in France. Here are the main funding opportunities you may be eligible for if you plan to study in France.

To discover scholarships for international students in France, consult the CampusBourses catalog. This tool lists the grants provided by France and other countries, local authorities, higher education institutions, and foundations.

Scholarships from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs awards numerous scholarships to international students, including three excellence scholarships.

  1. The first is the Eiffel program, which targets students at the master’s or doctoral level. You must choose a French higher education institution and contact them. The institution will then submit the application on your behalf.
  2. The second scholarship is called “France Excellence Europa” and is open to students from European Union countries wishing to pursue a master’s degree in France.
  3. The third scholarship, “Excellence-Major,” is intended for the top foreign graduates from French high schools abroad.

Other scholarships are managed by the French embassies abroad.

In any case, contact the Campus France office in your country to find out which scholarships you are eligible for.

Territorial Authority Scholarships

Regions and cities in France provide scholarships to international students coming to study in their territories.

Some students are awarded regional welcome scholarships as part of exchange agreements with institutions in other countries.

French territorial authorities also grant doctoral and postdoctoral grants, managed by universities.

Erasmus+ Scholarships

If your country participates in the Erasmus+ program, don’t hesitate to apply! Erasmus+ scholarships help cover part of your study expenses in France.

Scholarships from the French Ministry of Higher Education

The French Ministry of Higher Education in France offers need-based scholarships that are open to international students under certain conditions. To learn more, refer to the following section.

The Ministry also finances doctoral contracts, which are managed by doctoral schools

Do International Students Have the Right to Social Criteria Scholarships in France?

Some students mistakenly believe that social criteria scholarships are reserved for French students. Good news: they are also accessible to certain international students!

Who is Eligible for Scholarships in France?

To be eligible for social criteria scholarships, several conditions related to studies, age, resources, and nationality must be met.

Some additional conditions apply to international students:

  • If you are a national of a country in the European Economic Area, Switzerland, or Andorra, you must either have worked in France, full-time or part-time, as an employee or not, or prove that one of your parents has received income in France.
  • If you come from another country, you must meet three conditions: have a residence permit, have been domiciled in France for at least 2 years, and provide evidence of tax residence in France for at least 2 years.
  • If you are a refugee or under protection (Ofpra), you must have refugee status or benefit from subsidiary protection.

If you meet all the conditions, you must submit an online Student Social File (DSE).

Obtaining a Scholarship in Your Country of Origin to Study in France

Not sure if you are eligible for the scholarships we just presented? Don’t worry!

Remember to check if you are entitled to a scholarship in your country of origin. Your government, region, certain foundations, or others may offer scholarships for studying in France.

Steps to Take to Obtain a Scholarship in France

Final advice: familiarize yourself with the steps to take to obtain a scholarship for studies in France.

The procedures and required documents vary depending on the scholarship applied for. Here are the documents generally requested to obtain a scholarship in France:

  1. A curriculum vitae (CV),
  2. A motivation letter explaining why you want to study in France and how the scholarship will assist you in your academic journey,
  3. Your transcripts,
  4. Letters of recommendation (from teachers, supervisors, or employers),
  5. Proof of proficiency in the French language, such as a certificate (DELF, DALF),
  6. Your identification documents and travel documents.

You must then submit your scholarship application within the specified deadlines.

Now you know how to obtain a scholarship for studies in France. We wish you success in realizing your project!

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