Housing crisis: these Americans forced to live in their trailers

Housing crisis these Americans forced to live in their trailers

While in France borrowing rates continue to rise, challenging the access to homeownership for many households, the situation is not much better across the Atlantic. The United States is in the midst of an intense housing crisis that forces thousands of Americans to sleep on the side of roads, particularly in California, in trailers, vans, … Read more

The France leads in financing from the European Investment Bank for climate initiatives

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In 2023, France surged to the top position among the countries benefiting from European Investment Bank (EIB) financing dedicated to combating climate change and mitigating its effects. The loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) have always been particularly popular in France. With nearly €12 billion invested in businesses and local authorities in 2023, an … Read more

Inflation, real estate crisis… What roles are there in finance?


Inflation in energy and food prices, increasing poverty, the end of “whatever it takes,” rising interest rates… Our economy is facing tough challenges. But what role does the financial sector play in the current crisis? Is it a cause, and more importantly, can it be part of the solution? A geopolitical crisis before a financial … Read more