Here’s what you need to know before going to study… in Japan


Often cited as an example for the excellence of its advanced technology education, Japan welcomes approximately 300,000 foreign students every year. Practical modalities, operation, and cost of studies… L’Etudiant provides an overview of what you need to know. Renowned for its culture blending ancient traditions and high-tech exuberance, its cuisine listed as UNESCO heritage, and … Read more

Housing crisis: these Americans forced to live in their trailers

Housing crisis these Americans forced to live in their trailers

While in France borrowing rates continue to rise, challenging the access to homeownership for many households, the situation is not much better across the Atlantic. The United States is in the midst of an intense housing crisis that forces thousands of Americans to sleep on the side of roads, particularly in California, in trailers, vans, … Read more

Studying in Ireland: Everything You Need to Know

ireland university

If You’re Considering Studying in Ireland: University System, Required Formalities, Academic Requirements, Budget, Student Accommodation, Health Insurance – Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before You Go. Land of Legends, Verdant Landscapes… Ireland is attracting an increasing number of international students. With a high-quality university system that is more affordable than the United Kingdom’s, Ireland … Read more

The France leads in financing from the European Investment Bank for climate initiatives

france bank

In 2023, France surged to the top position among the countries benefiting from European Investment Bank (EIB) financing dedicated to combating climate change and mitigating its effects. The loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB) have always been particularly popular in France. With nearly €12 billion invested in businesses and local authorities in 2023, an … Read more

The British bank TSB is going to cut jobs and close branches, according to its Spanish owner


TSB, the British lender owned by the Spanish Sabadell, is set to cut jobs and close branches to improve its efficiency, the CEO of the Spanish bank said during a press conference on Thursday, after TSB set aside restructuring costs of £29 million. British banks – including rivals Barclays and Lloyds – have ramped up … Read more

14 Sublimes Styles de Balayage Blond à Couper le Souffle

14 Sublimes Styles de Balayage Blond à Couper le Souffle

Le balayage blond crée une couleur naturelle qui s’estompe élégamment. Lorsqu’une nuance blonde est mélangée avec un brun clair ou une autre nuance blonde, nous obtenons une couleur de cheveux dimensionnelle avec la profondeur et la dynamique recherchées par tous dans les coiffures modernes. De plus, la gamme de nuances blondes disponibles est variée. Découvrez … Read more

Scholarships to study nursing sciences in Montreal


The University of Montreal, home to the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, offers scholarships for international nursing students who wish to pursue their studies in Quebec (Canada) starting from the January 2024 intake. For French students wishing to pursue a nursing program in Canada, the University of Montreal is focusing on attractiveness by facilitating the financing … Read more