Scholarships to study nursing sciences in Montreal

The University of Montreal, home to the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, offers scholarships for international nursing students who wish to pursue their studies in Quebec (Canada) starting from the January 2024 intake.

For French students wishing to pursue a nursing program in Canada, the University of Montreal is focusing on attractiveness by facilitating the financing of their studies. It plans to offer scholarships to international students who will be entering its Bachelor of Nursing Sciences program during the winter semester, starting on January 8, 2024. “Thus, French students who benefit from this scholarship will pay tuition fees of around $2,000 per semester instead of $5,100,” it boasts in its statement.

110 days of training over 3 years

As for the curriculum itself, it is structured, like in France, around an academic component and a practical component. The academic component is conducted in “small groups that benefit from constant interaction with the faculty” The practical component consists of 6 internships thatmust be completed in different healthcare settings and specialties

In total, they occupy 110 days of training over the 3-year program duration. “Finally, students can work in Quebec’s healthcare organizations: a way for them to finance part of their studies and receive job offers.” The objective is to retain students so that they practice in Quebec after graduation where “the profession of clinical nurse offers many job opportunities,” argues Sylvie Dubois, dean of the Faculty of Nursing Sciences at the University of Montreal.

Registration for the winter intake is open until November 15, 2023, and it is recommended to submit your application to the university as soon as possible, as administrative procedures can take several weeks.

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